15   Maintaining the quality of highly perishable goods
15.1 Definition of "highly perishable"
15.1.1 "Plus" goods
15.1.2 "Minus" goods
15.2 Causes of spoilage of organic goods
15.2.1 Microbiological causes of spoilage
15.2.2 Living conditions of microorganisms Temperature requirements Humidity/moisture requirements Atmospheric oxygen requirements pH value
15.2.3 Biochemical causes of spoilage Enzymatic action Respiration of goods of vegetable origin Ripening of goods of vegetable origin Allelopathy
15.2.4 Physical causes of spoilage Drying-out of chilled & frozen goods Chilling damage and frost damage
15.3 Temperature-controlled container transport
15.3.1 Types of refrigerated container Porthole container Integral Unit (Integrated Unit) Low temperature refrigerated container
15.3.2 Chilling and cold chains
15.3.3 Chilled storage of foodstuffs
15.3.4 Freezing and freezing chains
15.3.5 Frozen storage of foodstuffs
15.4 Packaging of chilled & frozen goods
15.4.1 Demands made of packaging
15.4.2 Packaging containers
15.4.3 Packaging materials Wooden shipping packages Paper, cardboard and paperboard shipping
                packages Use of plastic films
15.5 Stowage of chilled & frozen goods in refrigerated containers
15.5.1 Stowage of chilled goods
15.5.2 Stowage of frozen goods
15.6 Checklist

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