15.2   Causes of spoilage of organic goods
15.2.1 Microbiological causes of spoilage
15.2.2 Living conditions of microorganisms Temperature requirements Humidity/moisture requirements Atmospheric oxygen requirements pH value
15.2.3 Biochemical causes of spoilage Enzymatic action Respiration of goods of vegetable origin Ripening of goods of vegetable origin Allelopathy
15.2.4 Physical causes of spoilage Drying-out of chilled & frozen goods Chilling damage and frost damage
Changes in the quality of organic goods with a high water content, which include a large number of foodstuffs, may be caused by five factors:
  • Infestation with microorganisms (mold and rot)
  • Biochemical changes, in particular respiration and ripening processes
  • Physical changes, in particular in the form of drying-out (shriveling, weight loss)
  • Chilling damage and frost damage
  • Postharvest diseases
  • Mechanical damage during handling and transport

These factors frequently interact with one another.

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