15.1.1   Plus goods
Refrigerated transport should be understood to mean the transportation of perishable goods in refrigerated containers in a fully air-conditioned atmosphere, in which the desired transport temperature is achieved by means of refrigeration units.
Chilled goods may be subdivided into plus goods (chilled goods in the narrower sense) and minus goods (frozen goods) (see Fig. 67).
Plus goods are stored at temperatures above 0°C in the product-specific temperature range, so as on the one hand to reduce biotic processes, above all respiration, and on the other hand to prevent chilling damage (chilling). Plus goods include fruit, vegetables and seed stock and propagation materials. Fruit and vegetables are living organisms in which respiration processes predominate due to separation from the parent plant. Plus goods are generally loaded into the containers after appropriate pre-chilling.
Figure 67: Classification of chilled goods

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