8   Technical aspects during transportation
8.1 Power supply
8.1.1 Electrical data in accordance with ISO 1496-2
8.1.2 Actual power consumption
8.1.3 On board
8.1.4 On land
8.1.5 Transport by rail/road
8.2 Ambient conditions
8.3 Heat dissipation
8.3.1 Heat to be dissipated per container
8.3.2 Heat dissipation when transporting refrigerated
    containers below deck Heat dissipation processes Heat dissipation using fresh air Heat dissipation using return air cooling processes Heat dissipation using water for cooling Heat dissipation using evaporative cooling
8.4 Temperature records in refrigerated containers
8.4.1 Introduction
8.4.2 How do refrigerated containers work? Air flow and regulation Temperature records Circular temperature charts Data loggers Temperature recorders in the load Manual temperature records Remote monitoring Conair or porthole containers Influence of the stowage methods on the return
       air temperature
8.4.3 Temperature changes within the container Temperature increases without refrigeration Rule of thumb calculations Numeric calculations Cooling of the cargo during refrigeration
8.4.4 Summary

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