Data loggers
Today, increasing numbers of data loggers are being used. These record both the supply and return air temperatures and also return information about alarms, ambient temperatures, pre-trip inspections, USDA temperature sensors and other information. A considerable proportion of refrigerated containers are only equipped with data loggers of this type and no longer with the traditional recorders. The trend today is away from recorders and toward data loggers.
Unlike the circular temperature charts, the data loggers record the temperatures digitally which provides only a discrete number of measured values. The normal recording interval is one hour. However special events such as alarms, defrosting process etc. are all saved explicitly. Depending on the type of logger and the way it is programmed, the recorded temperature data may be snapshot values or may be average values over a defined period of time.
Figure 39: Extract from a data logger file of a Carrier Transicold Container


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