Conair or porthole containers
Conair or porthole refrigerated containers that do not have their own refrigeration unit are usually supplied with cold air by refrigeration units installed in the vessel or by clip-on refrigeration units. The clip-on units usually have their own temperature recorders that use normal circular temperature charts whereas the refrigeration units installed on the vessel are usually monitored by a central system. This generates printouts at given intervals, usually every four hours, showing the supply and return air temperatures of all the connected containers. Figure 45 shows an example of a printout of this type. The containers are identified according to their stowage locations in the vessel. Often used in conjunction with a log printer for recording the temperatures, an alarm printer is also available which prints alarms and any failures of the refrigeration system.
Figure 44: Conair refrigeration system on a vessel

Figure 45: Example of a temperature printout of a Conair container refrigeration system on a vessel


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