7.2   Integral refrigerated containers
7.2.1 How do integral refrigerated containers work?
7.2.2 Refrigeration units for integral containers
7.2.3 Components of an integral refrigerated container
7.2.4 Fresh air
7.2.5 Coolant compressors
7.2.6 Coolants
7.2.7 Controllers Operation for frozen goods Operation for chilled goods Defrosting Special operation modes
7.2.8 Temperature records
7.2.9 Remote monitoring Systems available Four-wire monitoring Power cable transmission Narrowband Wideband ISO 10368 standard Prospects
7.2.10 Boxes
7.2.11 Future trends
The prevalent type of refrigerated container in use today is the integral container. It has an integrated refrigeration unit which is secured to the end wall of the container. These containers are operated using three-phase electric power. Earlier designs with an integrated diesel unit were not able to establish themselves on the market.

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