2.4.3   Arrangement "Eye fore and aft"
The arrangement "Eye fore and aft", where the coils rest with their coiling axis longitudinally in the container, is applied with light to medium coils, loaded by crane and C-hook. Small coils may also be entered and positioned in this arrangement by means of a forklift with special adapter, e.g. a round bar. Coils on skids must be placed on extra longitudinal beams, in order to distribute the weight onto a sufficient number of bottom girders of the container.

Coils without skids are placed in this arrangement with a C-hook into pre-arranged beddings, consisting mainly of parallel longitudinal beams with bevelled upper edges (see Container Handbook Vol. II, pages 240 to 245). The coil bellies shall not touch the container bottom. However, with small coils in this arrangement, the spread of the longitudinal beams becomes often so narrow that the full payload of the container may not be utilised.

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