2.4.2   Arrangement "Eye to side"
The arrangement "Eye to side", where the coils rest in the container with transverse coiling axis, is used with coils of all sizes, in particular, if stuffing by crane and C-hook is not envisaged (see Container Handbook, chapter

For this arrangement the coils are placed in front of the open container door on a bedding made from two longitudinal square timbers, fastened to them and then pushed into the container by an accordingly strong forklift. Since the forklift may generally not enter the container, the coils are moved the last end by means of adapted timber scantlings, together with their bedding. As a stuffing example of this method, Figures 3 and 4 show the positioning of a heavy cable drum into a container.

Coils which are fastened to solid skids (Figure 5), are placed into a container in the same manner.

Furthermore, it is possible to roll a coil on top of longitudinal beddings into the container and stabilise it in the desired position by means of cross-timbers.

Figure 3: Timber structure for bedding
a cable drum in front of a container

Figure 4: Cable drum on its bedding in the container

Figure 5: Steel coil on a solid skid

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