Cartons on pallets, example 7

Every shipowner endeavors to minimize the number of empty containers which are carried. Refrigerated containers, which are required at a destination to carry temperature-controlled cargo, are thus often used on the outward voyage as standard box containers for general cargo.
  Inadequately secured cargo in a refrigerated container

An only partially successful attempt has been made to achieve a compact stow by using airbags. There is a risk that the packaging around the packages will collapse, damaging the contents, because, due to the way in which the airbags are used, point loads are being applied.
  Correct use of airbag

If airbags are used to fill gaps between insufficiently resistant packages, boards or sheets of chipboard or plywood or equivalent materials should be placed between the airbag and cargo. The airbags themselves should be of dimensions such that they apply pressure over a large area.
Of course, in the example shown, further cargo must be compactly stowed or the remaining gaps around the left-hand pallet and towards the door must be filled with bracing.

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