Cartons, mixed cargo, example 7

  Inadequately packed general purpose container

Careful examination immediately reveals gaps in the stow and other inconsistencies:
  Errors in packing the container

Cartons are stowed next to the case visible in the gap (1). The shrink-wrapped cartons (2) can move freely to the left and right. The wooden case (3) can easily start to move to the left. The barrels (5) packed on the stowed wooden case can crush the cartons at (4). Numerous other small gaps (white arrows) complete the dismal picture.
Tilting the picture by 30° reveals the shortcomings even more clearly.
  30° tilt of container

It is essential for cases, barrels and other heavy items to be stowed at floor level.
  Compact stowage by slight modification of packing

Individual packages can be properly segregated from one another with boards, beams or squared lumber. In this way, individual packages can be prevented from shifting. All light items can be stowed in the upper layers by placing interlayer dunnage.

Packing flexibility is restricted if cargo is marked with handling symbols which specify a particular orientation in the means of transport.
  Handling symbols must be observed.


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