Cartons, mixed cargo, example 1

     "Bulk loading" of general cargo in a 20' steel corrugated

Package 1 has a mass of 492 kg, while package 3 has a still greater mass. The packages 2 could fall into the gaps beneath or be crushed between 1 and 3 as a result of shipping stresses. Packages 4 and 5 are at considerable risk of damage. Package 6 can be seen to be inadequately packaged: steel strapping should be avoided on cartons. The lack of edge protectors has meant that the straps have already cut into the carton.
The pallet and board are useless in terms of cargo securing.

It is economically unacceptable for considerable investment to be made in the manufacture of goods if these efforts are wasted during shipment.
"Bulk loaded" general cargo

With this container, all that can be hoped is that the ship has a calm voyage as there will otherwise be little left of the household goods in these packages.
  Removal container inadequately packed with household goods


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