Palletized cargoes, mixed cargo,
example 1

Even apparently small deficiencies may cause considerable damage during the packing of containers.

  Inadequate packing in a general purpose container

The gap to the left of shipping package 1 has been "braced" with a few "chucked-in" pieces of waste lumber. One of the wooden parts of the prop under shipping package 3 has broken off. A piece of waste squared lumber has been put temporarily in its place. A gap has been left between the shipping package 3 and the left-hand container wall and between packages 4 and 5.

  Remedied packing deficiencies

The packages (1) and (3) have been stowed tight against the container wall, and the skid under package (3) has been repaired. The gap then arising between packages (1) and (2) has been filled with squared lumber. The gap between package (3) and packages (4) and (5) has been filled with an airbag. The airbag can only be used in the manner illustrated if the shipping packages have sufficient loading capacity and there is no "air" between the carton walls. Otherwise, plywood sheets or the like have to be used for pressure distribution.

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