Cases and crates with other cargoes, example 5

If this container is left stowed like this, it is almost certain that considerable cargo losses will eventually arise during the course of the voyage.


The wooden case (1) 2,856 kg in weight will crush the cartons (2) and ultimately even be damaged itself. The barrels (3), with a mass of approx. 220 kg each, will destroy the cartons (4) and possibly even leak. Further damage will occur in the front part of the container.
This is how the container could have been well packed:

The heavy wooden case is stowed tightly against the left-hand container wall. At floor level it is supported against the right-hand container side wall by wooden bracing. The barrels are loaded onto this bracing. Any remaining gaps are filled with material of sufficient loading capacity. Interlayer dunnage of wooden boards or the like is placed on the barrels, which additionally secures the case in the upper area against tipping forces and provides a clean supporting surface for the cartons to be loaded thereafter in stepped arrangement.

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