Cases and crates with other cargoes, example 4

What will happen to the contents of the mail bags when a case and six barrels fall on them?

  Mail bags, at risk from case and barrels

The movement of the sea would gradually create more and more space between the barrels and cases, resulting in mutual damage. In the longitudinal direction, the case is only braced towards the door.

  Incorrectly positioned bracing

The bracing should have been positioned in the area of the case bottom ...
.... As here:

  Wooden bracing, positioned in the area of the case bottom

The simplest thing to do is to take the necessary measurements and to build appropriate bracing outside the container.
  Bracing for the door area - plan view

  Bracing for the door area - front view

The bracing is positioned in front of the case and the left door leaf is closed. If it has been sufficiently accurately made, no further measures will be necessary.
Securing for case and barrels which at the same time allows protection of the mail bags could look like this:

Protected space:
mail bags inside bracing for case and barrels

A simple lattice consisting of two vertical and two horizontal boards is positioned against the inner side of the barrels. Bracing is provided in the bottom and lid areas of the case. In this way, the mail bags are also protected from condensation on the container side walls.

If the mail bags are not at any risk from condensation water, the remaining space between case and door may serve to accommodate further bags.
  Mail bags in the door area


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