Cases and crates with other cargoes, example 2

There is a slight risk here of the wooden case damaging the pallet by tipping. The case is secured at floor level against sideways shifting, since pallet bottom and case bottom lie at the same level and virtually touch. However, there is a risk for the pallet cargo because the cartons are lying down and no account has been taken of the handling symbols.

  Compact stowage method for a container section with low
risk of damage due to tipping of the case.

Disregarding the handling symbols on the pallet cargo

All risk of tipping of the case could definitely have been prevented by insertion of a small bracing member before the pallet was loaded.

    Simple bracing for securing the case against slipping and

Here, the pallet was packed taking the handling symbols into account, covered with a plywood board (1) and strapped.

  Expertly packed pallet

If this pallet is positioned in front of the bracing shown above, the case cannot have a damaging effect on the cartons on the pallet.
Alternatively, it would have been possible to dispense with the bracing behind the pallet and to fit some narrow beams (2) between case and pallet:

  Separating the pallet from the case using wooden beams


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