Inadequately packed container with some hazardous materials
This container stuffed for a voyage overseas was packed with hazardous materials, among other things. In accordance with legal requirements, a signed Container Packing Certificate was also provided, which certified that the container had been properly packed and the cargo adequately secured. It is incomprehensible how anyone could make such a statement, given the packing situation illustrated.

  Incorrectly packed container with dangerous cargo

Class 3 and class 9 hazardous materials are laid on top without any securing whatsoever. Are the packing personnel completely unaware of the risks created here? The majority of the packages consisted of relatively expensive industrial goods.
The section of the CTU packing guidelines entitled "On completion of packing", states, among other things, that care should be taken during the final stages of packing a CTU, so far as is practicable, to build a secure face of the cargo so as to prevent "fall out" when the doors are opened. If there is any doubt about that, additional securing measures are necessary. It is also pointed out that a container on a trailer usually inclines towards the doors and that cargo may move against the doors due to jolts etc., during transport.
For road transport of the container illustrated, the applicable regulations on hazardous materials are also definitive. These require that the individual parts of a cargo of hazardous materials be so stowed on the vehicle and secured by suitable means that they can change position only slightly relative to one another and relative to the walls of the vehicle. It is additionally stated that these regulations also apply to containers and that shipping packages labeled with the "Fragile" symbol must be protected against damage by other shipping packages.

It is additionally stated that shipping packages carrying hazardous materials must be kept separate from the other shipping packages. This regulation has also been contravened.
Relevant regulations are also to be found in GGVSee. Contravention of legal requirements may incur fines.
Under certain circumstances, § 130 of the German Administrative Offences Act provides for fines of up to a 500,000 €, if the administrative offence is accompanied by punishable action.

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