Mixed cargo with barrels, example 6


Package (1) exhibits typical packaging deficiencies: the upright rectangular cross section of the skids has already resulted in one of them tipping over. A gap between package (1) and the barrel group (2) has not been filled. The stowage personnel originally intended to leave the gap (3) between the upper barrel layer and the container wall. If this container is sent off on its journey in this state, destruction of the contents cannot be ruled out.
The following improvements could have been made:

Package (1) was provided with stable skids and placed on a layer of boards as floor dunnage. A further layer of boards was fitted on item (1) as interlayer dunnage. Both board layers serve to secure the lower barrel layer (a) and thus alleviate the negative effect of the gap. The barrel layer (b) is braced with squared lumber bracing consisting of several uprights and crosspieces (c). The lower barrel layer has been loaded right up against the door line, but not so the upper barrel layer, so meaning that another pallet must be inserted to fill the lengthwise gap before the door is closed.

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