Mixed cargo with barrels, example 4

Should this container really be sent off on a journey in this state?

  Inadequately packed container

The pallet (1) is not uniformly packed, which is one of the most common errors. The plastic drum (2) and the pallet (3) will destroy one another under stress and the contents of the drum may damage the other goods loaded in the container. Whether wooden members need to be laid under pallet (3) for pressure distribution depends on the strength of the pallet cargo beneath. Any gaps between pallet (1) and left-hand container wall must be filled with bracing.

Subsequent securing measures could include the following:

A wooden board is placed against the inside of the pallet (3). Top dunnage consisting of lumber or boards is laid on pallet (1), boards, and is fixed in place on the one hand by the above-mentioned wooden board and on the other hand by the left-hand container wall. The plastic drum (2) is lashed to pallet (3).

  Bracing of the drum against a container side wall

Alternatively, the plastic drum could be pressed against the left-hand container wall with a lattice. The gap between lattice and pallet (3) must be braced. If package (3) is in a position to develop forces exceeding the strength of the barrel (2), bracing must additionally be provided between lattice and left-hand container wall.

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