Mixed cargo with barrels, example 3

This stowage method cannot be tolerated.

  Inadequate packing method in a 20' container

The gap between (1) and (2) should have been closed. The pallet (3) may damage the shipping package (2) at points (a) and (b). The case (1) may crush the cartons (2) and the barrels (4) will cause damage to the packages on pallet (3). It would be best to pack the container differently. The same applies to the barrels (5).


The case (1) should be turned through 90°, whereby barrels 4a-d and 5a-d can be stowed as illustrated. The gaps are filled beforehand or afterwards with wooden beams, pallets and hardboard sheets. The space on top of the barrels 4a-d is brought to the height of the case by filling with lumber or pallets. Packages two and three may then be loaded onto the now flat surface.

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