Inadequate packing of textile rolls
and a pallet

It is unlikely that the textile rolls will be capable of standing the stowage method illustrated.
There are many ways of packing such cargoes appropriately into a container. Depending on the type of material in the rolls and how tightly they are wound, the layers are more or less firm when packed in the cantline. The following drawings all bear an amber light, because additional measures need to be taken which are not shown here.

Packing variant sample

Wooden dunnage consisting of walking boards has been laid on the lower layers, and the pallet loaded centrally on that. The pressure-sensitive sides of the pallet have been protected with lateral dunnage of equivalent material, which provides protection in the form of boards or the like against excessive pressure in the upper area of the pallet.

Packing variant sample

Here, the pallet was protected against harmful pressures by lateral and top dunnage. The textile rolls were all packed in the cantline.

Packing variant sample

As before, the pallet in the picture above was protected against harmful pressures. Some of the textile rolls were packed somewhat higher than the pallet in the cantline. Walking boards, similar flat materials or boards were used to provide a uniform packing support for the remaining rolls, so meaning that firring in the form of pieces of lumber had to be fitted in the area of the pallet. The upper rolls were also packed in the cantline.
The following pictures show that consideration must be given to securing the upper rolls by tying them together or similar measures. At tilt angles of up to 30° or acceleration of up to 0.5 g, the rolls would probably still remain in place, but this becomes highly questionable at larger tilt angles or greater acceleration.
  Tilts of 30° correspond to 0.5 g acceleration

  Tilts of 45° correspond to 0.7 g acceleration

In addition to bundling, it is also particularly expedient to use relatively softly inflated airbags at the sides to the left and right, to fix the rolls in their packing position.
In general, however, the question arises whether textile rolls are really strong enough to be packed in so many layers at all. Intensive thought should be given to other stowage methods. The producer's specialist knowledge of the product should definitely be utilized.

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