Slabs - vertical securing
  Vertical securing
to counter shifting
out of the floor-level

In order to prevent the slab from shifting out from the wooden securing members in rough seas or on exposure to other vertical impacts, shoring was arranged against the top side rails.
  Fitting the final lengthwise bracing

Only after the left-hand door leaf had been shut were the outstanding lengthwise bracing members fitted between the slab and the crosspiece placed in front of the door.

In this way, the slab was well secured. Since mainly 14 cm x 14 cm squared lumber was used, this securing does not entirely correspond to the following diagram, which is based on the use of 10 cm x 10 cm wooden members.
  Optimum securing of a slab in a box container

The essential difference between the actual situation and this diagram is that the diagram shows the doubled wooden members for distributing the pressure to the container walls in order to achieve a greater "depth".
It should be noted that the methods shown are virtually the only possible way to secure such heavy slabs in box containers. Securing by lashing is not possible. On the one hand for reasons of packing feasibility, because the slabs cannot be placed on supports, and on the other because conventional box containers only have lashing points with maximum securing loads of approx. 1,000 daN.

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