Slabs - packing into a box container

Packing a 23 metric ton stainless steel slab in a 20' box container
Introducing such a weight into a standard box container entails the use of particularly heavy equipment.
  Introducing a 23 metric ton slab using a 35 metric ton forklift truck

In this case, a 35 metric ton forklift truck, which is capable of lifting the slab lengthwise, is being used and will set the slab down in the door area of the container. A 25 metric ton forklift truck would not be capable of picking up the slab in this way as the load-carrying capacity of 25 metric tons relates to a load center distance of 600 mm.
The slab must be positioned in such a way that, once it has been pushed into place, it will lie as centrally as possible in the container. During the initial phase, relatively small corrections to the starting position are possible from the side.
Squared lumber supports are intended to ensure that the slab lies as horizontally as possible and at the height of the container floor.
  Correcting slab position in the container door area

The container to be packed should itself be immobilized as far as possible before the slab is pushed in.
  Setting down the slab in the container door area

Friction-enhancing materials cannot be laid under the cargo in such cases. Not only would packing be complicated, but unpacking of the container would be made virtually impossible. The slab must be pushed in extremely carefully so that the sharp edges do not damage the container floor.

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