Paper rolls, axis lying crosswise

Rolls could also be stowed with their winding axes lying crosswise but this makes packing and unpacking far more difficult. The method is not therefore to be recommended.
Kraftliner rolls on flatracks with stanchions are an exception. Both packing and unpacking and securing are then cheap to implement.
  Kraftliner rolls on a 40' flatrack - plan view

Because of their dimensions, six rolls are loaded from the left-hand end wall and five from the right-hand end wall towards the middle and the twelfth roll is positioned in the cantline.
  Kraftliner rolls on a 40' flatrack - side view

Crosswise, virtually all the rolls are secured with a tight fit by filling the small gap between them and the stanchions with boards attached at the level of the roll eye. All the stanchions are lashed together (this detail was omitted from the overall views). To relieve the end walls, the outer rolls are propped by crosswise wedge beams and braced against the end walls.
  Securing of the outer rolls - side view and plan view

Crosswise, the outer rolls are secured with loop lashings, which pass around the securing boards.
  Securing the roll in the cantline - side view and plan view

The roll lying in the cantline is also secured by means of boards fixed to the stanchion and overlashings. Strips of friction-enhancing material are positioned at the points of contact with the rolls packed underneath.

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