Granite and marble slabs on A-frames
  Granite slabs on a steel A-frame suitable for
use with lifting gear and forklifts

In the event of regular outward-and-return transport, it is worth building permanent frames for transporting granite, marble and slate slabs and other similar slab-like material which are suitable for use with lifting gear and forklift trucks.
  Granite slabs on steel A-frames - plan view

Whether 1 or 2 frames are loaded per container depends on the mass of the cargo. The nature of the frames allows stowage in both standard box containers and open-top containers.
  Secured A-frame

The slabs may be secured transversely and vertically to the frames prior to loading. To this end, strapping is tensioned around each slab and frame half. In the container, the frames are secured against lateral and longitudinal shifting with squared lumber. Shoring prevents the frames from moving vertically and tipping. Direct lashing is used to prevent any lengthwise movement of the slabs.

     Top and selective enlargement below: Lengthwise securing
   using direct lashing - plan view

The direct lashings are attached to lashing points at the tops of the A-frames, pass forward round the protruding sections of the slabs and are tightened on the opposite side. Since the slabs are very fragile, the lashings must be only slightly pretensioned. The cross beams of the A-frames which slope obliquely upwards and outwards are covered with friction-enhancing material, so that the majority of the longitudinal forces are eliminated by friction with the floor.
  Laterally arranged half frames

The cost of securing is considerable if such slabs have to be secured using single-use material. For packing in open-top containers it is expedient to build "half frames" on each side, load on the slabs and shore them crosswise. The crosswise squared lumber members are held in each case by two vertical or oblique squared lumber members. Loop lashings are suitable for longitudinal securing and are passed around the tops of the slab sections and pulled taut at the other container end.
  Granite slabs on A-frame   Transverse securing
with strapping

  Securing against vertical and
tipping movement using shoring

A-frames made from squared lumber are, of course, also feasible for one-off transport. The arrangement of the wooden members is intended only as a suggestion and must always be tailored to the mass of the cargo, the transport routes etc.

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