Axles on flatracks

Example: Truck axles on a 40' flatrack
  Unsuitable securing of truck axles on a 40' flatrack

Producer and trader have designed special stands for transporting axles and had them manufactured. The axles are packed into the stands with a tight fit. It is incomprehensible why the stands have been secured on the flatrack with tie-down lashings. The cargo can move freely under the tie-down lashings.. Only with a tight fit can the forces arising during transport be absorbed. To this end, the flatrack stanchions should be used and/or securing with oblique lashings to the sides.
  Tight-fit securing of the stands using oblique

   Tight-fit securing using stanchions and
 centrally positioned squared lumber

It goes without saying that combined methods and other types of securing are also feasible.

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