4.1.3   Securing goods in packaging receptacles

constructed case

The basic idea, namely attaching a suitable base in order to stabilize a case that runs the risk of tipping, is in itself not a bad idea, but only if the package is to be transported on an open flatbed truck. It is unsuitable for use with a closed mode of transport. The case can only be secured with considerable effort, using wooden bracing or a considerable amount of material to fill in the gaps.

Lifting this object using a forklift truck from the side that can be seen in the photograph is only possible if the forks of the truck are very close together. Even a slightly uneven road surface could cause the case to topple from the forks. If the freight costs are calculated according to volume, money is being wasted since the dimensions used to calculate the volume are the extremities of the case.

It would have been more sensible to pack the contents into a stable case with a floor surface the same size as the special construction shown here. If the load is firmly bolted inside a case of this type, it can easily be packed into a closed CTU and secured. This method would not incur greater freight costs than the existing special construction.
Sometimes, the correct securing of the packed goods inside the packaging receptacle is overlooked.
Right and enlarged image below:
Insufficient securing of the load inside the receptacle

Even a sturdy box or case cannot ensure that the goods are not damaged in transit if the contents of the case are not securely packed. Here, the forces of inertia during road transport were sufficient to cause the load to penetrate the case.
Other notes about packing goods
For customs-related considerations, it is often advantageous to disassemble goods and transport them in cases or other receptacles.
Receptacle designed to accommodate two disassembled tractors

The practice is very often adopted when shipping cars. Terms like CKD and SKD meaning completely knocked-down cars and semi knocked-down cars, are used to describe vehicles that are packed in containers, crates and cases.
  Wooden frame used for packing semi knocked-down sports cars into containers


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