3.6   Other markings

Many containers carry instructions about using particular structural elements, which are intended to serve as warnings.

How not to pick up a load

Apart from very few exceptions, containers may only be lifted vertically by the upper corner posts.

Safety instructions on a collapsible flatrack

It is not necessary to be able to read the instructions in the picture. The point is simply that there are such instructions describing how a collapsible flatrack is to be erected and collapsed and what points have to be observed.

It should go without saying that inexperienced people should not be trusted with such activities. In any case, trained personnel also need to heed such instructions.

Safety instructions on a collapsible flatrack - details

Above and left:
Instructions for using the fitted twist lock

Safety instructions for empty transport
Label pointing out lubrication points

Warning about folding door on a half-height open-top container


Instructions for securing a clip-on unit

Operating and safety instructions on a thermal container

Above: Information about material used for walls
Left: Technical data on a thermal container

Statement of compliance with structural regulations from Bureau Veritas
Details of owner, manufacturer and treatment of plywood floor in accordance with Australian requirements

Above and left:
Details of owner
and manufacturer

The instructions in the right-hand Figure state: CAUTION: Left-hand door must remain locked closed at all times if loaded boxes are stacked on top!

Right and left:
Safety instructions

Above: this red line indicates the "max. load height" in order to ensure air circulation during cooling operation.
Warnings about
extra-large width


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