13.12.7   Diseases
On the cargo information pages, the section Risk factor Insect infestation/Diseases covers not only insect infestation but also those diseases of foodstuffs, semiluxury items and animal feedstuffs which are harmful, for example
  • Anthracnoses (fruit rot, black rot or tip rot) in bananas
  • Blue mold rot or storage rot in citrus fruits caused by green mold and blue mold
  • Grey mold rot or Botrytis rot in grapes
  • Alternaria spots on cauliflower and Brussels sprouts
  • Onion neck rot caused by the mold Botrytis allii
  • Fusarium rot in certain types of vegetable and potatoes
  • Psychrophilic spoilage in meat etc.
In industrial goods, only the risk factor insect infestation is considered, and then only because "migrants" may sometimes be found, in particular in packaging material.

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