13.11.1   Natural shrinkage/shortage
Natural shrinkage/shortage or loss of volume (= weight loss) in international trade is governed by contractual agreements. Loss of volume or weight loss is regarded as damage, if the contractually agreed or commercially customary tolerance volumes are exceeded.
Natural shrinkage/shortage may be caused by temperature, humidity/moisture and other natural influences, such as drying (out), consumption by respiration processes, disintegration, turning to dust (trickle losses), volatilization in the case of essential oils and spices, shrinkage of lumber.
Further examples are:
  • Loss of volume, which, in the case of palm fibers, may amount to > 2% due to drying-out as a result of seasonally induced high intrinsic moisture content.
  • Loss of volume in the case of tank cargoes due to evaporation and adhesion to tank walls, residues in pipelines, valves and suction wells
  • Weight loss in the case of hygroscopic goods due to drying-out of the intrinsic moisture content.

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