13.9.2   Stresses/influences

The mechanical stresses which occur during goods transport are usually stated in fractions or multiples of acceleration due to gravity (9.81 m/sē = 1 g). Depending upon their pulse strength, even very small g values may cause considerable destruction. In contrast, very high g values acting over only a few milliseconds may have absolutely no effect on the goods.
Especially when assessing the damaging effects to the cargo of vibration and impacts, it is necessary to take the pulse length of the g values into account.
If vibration, jolting and impacts can cause damage to the goods under normal transport conditions in the planned means of transport, packaging must attenuate these effects to such an extent that damage to the goods is ruled out. Packaging specialists can devise suitable solutions to such problems.
Figure 60: Mechanical stresses during transport; [Schieder]

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