13.8.6   Loss prevention measures for avoiding damage due to contamination
  1. The cargo information pages (TIS), take account of the Risk factor Contamination with regard to its active and passive behavior.

  2. Ensuring constant cleanliness of containers, warehouses and cargo handling areas, checking goods for cleanliness, covering goods which are sensitive to contamination and avoiding storage of contaminating goods together with contamination-sensitive goods are all measures which require serious attention if damage is to be avoided during transport.

  3. Contamination is best eliminated with high pressure cleaners.

  4. The liner bags used for bulk cargo in standard containers (see Section 10.3.7) are used only once.

  5. Container cleaning, often combined with deodorization, is a fundamental requirement for the following load. An assessment of active and passive contamination behavior on the basis of the above-stated contamination levels is of assistance here.

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