13.7.1   Odor tainting (active behavior)
In line with requirements for simultaneous storage of goods in containers/warehouses, odor compatibility is taken into account as follows:
0 - Releases no odor:
Goods with no intrinsic odor; also packaged odoriferous goods whose odor cannot escape the packaging
1 - Very slight, pleasant odor:
Goods which can be stored together with unpackaged foodstuffs
2 - Slight, pleasant odor:
Goods which can still be stored together with packaged foodstuffs
3 - Strong, pleasant odor:
Goods which release a strong, pleasant odor which rules out storage together with foodstuffs, while other odor-sensitive goods suffer no impairment of quality due to the nature of the odor
4 - Slight, unpleasant odor:
Goods which cause impairment of quality due to their slight, unpleasant odor or excessively strong pleasant odor
5 - Unpleasant odor and/or pungent odor:
Goods which can no longer be stored together with goods which are sensitive towards an unpleasant and/or pungent odor
6 - Penetrating odor:
Odor is extremely unpleasant, completely penetrates other goods

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