13.3.5   Open containers and flatracks
In open containers and on flatracks, the cryptoclimate largely adapts to the external climatic conditions; these containers thus provide less protection to the cargo, but also prevent a cryptoclimate unsuitable for storage from developing. The open sides or the roof may be closed with tarpaulins, so immediately forming a cryptoclimate, similar to that described for standard containers, but with greater ventilation due to the openings always present with tarpaulin covers.
If open containers are transported in the hold, a gap through which ventilation may occur remains between the upper edge of the lower container and the floor of the container stowed on top. In the case of hygroscopic goods, this constitutes an advantage over storage in standard containers.
Open containers (flatracks) packed with goods of vegetable origin and stowed in an actively ventilated hold are a special case. Stacking goods on a flatrack results in block stowage, which is well suited to ventilation in the hold. More attention will be paid to open containers in actively ventilated holds of a container or ro/ro ship when more sensitive goods are subjected to containerization.

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