11.4.1   Goods of water content class 0, not subject to any conditions (WCC 0)
Goods of water content class 0 do not generally place any particular requirements on storage climate conditions, and are also biologically inactive (BA 0).
The following distinctions may be drawn:
  • Goods which do not require any protection from environmental influences and may therefore be transported on deck without protection. Examples are goods on open containers, such as flatracks, open-top containers and/or open-sided containers, for example construction plant, structural steel, industrial ceramics, and also goods in hermetic packaging, i.e. packaging impermeable to water vapor, e.g. barrels, cans etc.
  • Goods which require protection from rain or spray and solar radiation and are therefore transported on deck with protection, e.g. flatracks with tarpaulins or in containers with roofs ("semiopen containers"), such as steel products (risk of corrosion) or rubber products (aging processes).

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