Loss prevention measures
The following cargo care measures are recommended for standard containers for a transport operation involving a rise in air temperature due to sea route:
  1. When packing such a container, good air circulation must be ensured between the container surfaces and the cargo surfaces, so that rapid thorough heating of the cargo is possible.
  2. In the case of goods which release larger amounts of water vapor, pay attention to radiation.
  3. Selection of an optimum stowage space:
    • On deck, to achieve rapid heating of the container and its contents, stow where possible away from radiation in the inner layers of the deck cargo

    • In the case of shipment below deck, ventilate intensively to heat the containers and their contents; sweat arising on the outside of the container is harmless, provided that the container arrives dry on the outside at the port of destination.

  4. Containers at particular risk (first port of destination or immediate unpacking of container contents at port) should be positioned in the immediate vicinity of the fan outlets or in places near heated double bottom cells or bulkheads.
    If the containers are to be inspected in port, e.g. by customs officers, the container should be opened only briefly or under a plastic shroud, since otherwise in sub-tropical ports the surface of the cargo immediately becomes moist, leading as a rule not to cargo sweat but to claims.

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