6.6   Alternative solution for all weight classes
As shown in all examples, the effort for stowage and securing is consistently expensive regarding labour and material, if carried out properly. A multiple use of the material will be scarcely possible, because it will be too expensive to have it collected and returned.

The logistics industry offers to that purpose an interesting alternative, in particular for the weight classes H and XH, which in fact creates cost for leasing and also cost for return transport, but therefore reduces the stowage and securing effort to a minimum, concurrent with a high level of safety. It is the Coil-TainerTM, a transport pallet for coils in a container.

The Coil-Tainer is offered in two sizes:
  • Class I with 1.472 m length for coils up to 12 t mass (Figure 37),

  • Class II with 2.930 m length for coils up to 25 t mass (Figure 38).

  • Figure 37: Two coils of 12 t each in Coil-TainerTMClass I - pallets

    Figure 38: Coil of 25 t in a Coil-TainertTM Class I - pallet

With these pallets various combinations of loading are possible depending on the coil masses. The Coil-Tainer pallets are stackable for return transport.

More details may be obtained under www.coil-tainer.com.

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