6.5   Weight class XH
In this example one coil of 24 t shall be loaded into a container of P = 28.230 t. Thus, the coil has a mass of 85 % of the payload. The diameter is d = 1.66 m and the breadth is b = 1.84 m. The coil is tendered without skid and shall be placed "Eye to side". For loading, it is rolled into the container.

Safeguarding the longitudinal strength of the container requires a length of beams of just under 4.9 m. With the expected extension of nearly 4 m, timber for bedding is beyond question. Steel beams must be used.

Steel beams of 18 x 18 cm and a length of 5.00 m are selected with a spread s = 1.40 m. For stabilising, in particular for the process of loading, both beams are weld connected by cross beams. The arrangement is shown in Figure 34.

Figure 34: Transverse stowage of an "extra heavy" coil


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