6.1   Weight class L
Weight class L covers coils with a mass of up to 32 % of the container payload. Depending on the payload the upper mass limit is therefore between about 6 t and 9 t per coil.

In this example coils of 4 t each shall be loaded into a container of P = 28.230 t. Thus each coil has a mass of 14.2 % of the payload. The diameter is d = 0.84 m and the breadth is b = 1.26 m. The coils are tendered on skids of three longitudinal timbers of 10 x 10 cm cross-section and 0.90 m length. The distance of the middles of the outer timber is 1.10 m.

In order to fully exploit the payload of the container, the coils are arranged as shown in Figure 21 with about 36 cm free space at the door end. This arrangement is sufficiently symmetric in the transverse and the longitudinal direction. The longitudinal centre of gravity is only about 18 cm off the half length of the container.

The coils, which are stowed at the fore and aft ends of the container must be set on extra longitudinal timbers for distributing the load onto a sufficiently large number of bottom girders of the container. These coils are stowed tightly against the container sides.

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