3.   Strength capacity of containers
3.1 Loading the bottom in transverse direction
3.2 Loading the container longitudinally
3.3 Bedding-diagram
Containers are designed by manufacturers according to the standard ISO 1496-1 in such a way that the permissible payload P, if homogeneously distributed over the entire loading floor, can safely be transferred to the four corner posts under all conditions of carriage.

This quality of a container implies sufficiently large section modules in longitudinal and transverse direction, for accepting the acting bending moments and the resulting tensile and compression stresses. For the tare-weight T of the container and for additional loads from accelerations during handling and transport, the ISO standard provides strength allowances, which are also reflected in test conditions.

If a load is not homogeneously distributed over the loading floor, suitable means for load distribution must be used and/or the load has to be reduced compared to the maximum permissible payload.

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